Gibran (Ramlawey) of Australia and New Zealand

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His Grace the Most Reverend Bishop Gibran (Ramlawey) of Australia and New Zealand (September 14, 1931 – January 16, 1999) was the exarch of the Antiochian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand from 1969-1999.

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Early Life and Education

  • 1931 Sep 14 - Gibran Ramlawey born in Tripoli Mina, Lebanon, to Yacoub Ramlawey and Farfoura (née Ishak).
  • 1948 - Gibran graduates from Saint Elias Orthodox College, and enters the monastic order under tutelage of Metropolitan Theodosius of Tripoli. Brother Gibran serves as his personal secretary until 1953.
  • 1954 - Br. Gibran graduates from College of Three Hierarchs in Beirut, with diploma in psychology and philosophy.
  • 1954 - Metropolitan Elia of Beirut ordains him a deacon on Pentecost. Dcn Gibran teaches Arabic, French, Literature and Ethics at St. Elias College.
  • 1959 - Metrop. Elia ordains Dcn Gibran a priest. Fr Gibran continues to teach.
  • 1962 - Fr Gibran receives graduate diploma in literature from St. Joseph University in Beirut.


Archim. Gibran also teaches French at Johnstown branch of University of Pittsburgh, and continues postgraduate work at Duquesne University. He also serves as president of Council of Orthodox Clergy of Greater Johnstown.
  • 1966 - Archim. Gibran assigned to St. George Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • 1967 - Archim. Gibran completes coursework for Doctorate in Philosophy at Duquesne University.
  • 1968-69 - Archim. Gibran teaches philosophy at John Carroll University.
  • 1969 Apr - Archim. Gibran elected president of Greater Cleveland Council of Orthodox Clergy.

Bishop of Australasia

  • 1969 Oct 17 - Archim. Gibran elected Exarch for Australia, New Zealand and All Oceania.
  • 1969 Oct 22 - Archim. Gibran notified about election. American archdiocese asked to consecrate him. Bishop Gibran ruling bishop for the next 30 years.
  • 1998 Northern Autumn - Holy Synod of Antioch nominates Bishop Gibran for elevation to rank of Archbishop (but he reposes before his appointment).

Administrative problems surrounding repose

Bisop Gibran's death certificate incorrectly records burial at Rookwood Independent Orthodox Lawn Cemetery. Burial was in the bishop's section of the Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney, immediately behind the Greek Orthodox Chapel of St Athanasios.

His headstone records his date of repose as 14 January 1999; however, a coronial inquiry found that he died "on or about 16 January 1999, of ischaemic heart disease".

He was found on the morning of Saturday 16 January 1999 by Subdeacon Hanna and Father Elias both of Saint Nicholas Church Punchbowl. Subdeacon Hanna says there was fresh blood on the floor where he hit his head after passing out. Sundeacon Hanna says it was obvious he had died that morning.

Difficulties with name

Bishop Gibran was born in an Arabic speaking country. His name was written in Arabic. There is no standard for translation of Arabic names into the French language or the English language. In Australia his surname was usually spelt Ramlawey. This spelling is used on his Australian passport, his NSW death certificate, and his gravestone. His passport and his death certificate are held in the Australian Archdiocesan Archives.

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Gibran (Ramlawey) of Australia and New Zealand
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Bishop of Australia, New Zealand, and All Oceania
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Paul (Saliba)
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