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Gerontius of Moscow (Геронтий in Russian) was the Metropolitan of Moscow from 1473 to 1489. succeeding Philip I.

Little is known of the early life of Gerontius. He was Bishop of Kolomna before his succession, during the reign of Ivan III, to the see of Metropolitan of Moscow. While Gerontius had conflicts with Ivan concerning the procedures for consecration of new churches during the late 1470s, he took a strong stand in 1480, when Ivan ceased paying tribute to the Horde, supporting him against the Golden Horde. Gerontius spoke of resisting the Horde to the very end.

With heresies common in the territories of Moscow and Novgorod, Gerontius took a moderate position in dealing with them. In 1482, Gerontius retired from his position as metropolitan but returned at the urging of the Grand Prince. Gerontius reposed in 1489.

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Gerontius of Moscow
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