Germanus of Jerusalem

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Germanus of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Church of Jerusalem from 1537 to 1579. He is identified by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem as Herman the Sabbait. He initiated the efforts by the patriarchate to reclaim patriarchal property that had been lost during the invasion by the Crusaders.

After the Turks under Selim took over Palestine in 1517 from the Mameluks of Egypt, the rights of the Church of Jerusalem were recognized with the firman issued by Sultan Suleiman in 1538. Patr. Germanus then initiated claims on property that had been lost during the Crusader occupation, notably the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. He also pursued the task of repairing the Holy Shrines from the abuse they had received.

Patr. Germanus re-organized the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre and initiated their work of fundraising among the Orthodox countries of eastern Europe to finance the restoration and repair of the Holy Shrines, as guardians of the Holy Shrines. He also improved coordination among the Brotherhood, the abbot, and the patriarch as well as fostered the exclusively Greek character of the Brotherhood.

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Germanus of Jerusalem
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Dorotheus II
Patriarch of Jerusalem
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Sophronius IV
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