Gerasimos of Kephalonia

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Our venerable and God-bearing Father Gerasimos of Cephalonia (also Gerasimus the New Ascetic of Cephalonia) was a hermit, priest-monk, and wonder-worker of the sixteenth century. His feast day is celebrated on October 20, and the uncovering of his relics on August 16.

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St. Gerasimos was from the Peloponnesus, the son of Demetrius and Kale, of the family of Notaras. He was reared in piety by them and studied the sacred writings. He left his country and went throughout various lands, and finally came to Cephalonia, where he restored a certain old church and built a convent around it, where it stands to this day at the place called Omala.

He finished the course of his life there in asceticism in the year 1570. His sacred relics, which remain incorrupt, are kept there for the sanctification of the faithful.


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