Genuine Orthodox Church of America

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The Genuine Orthodox Church of America (GOCA) is an independent Old Calendarist jurisdiction based in Buena Vista, Colorado which sees itself as the only legitimate Orthodox church in America. They are in Communion with the Synod of Archbishop Makarios of Athens, who heads the true Orthodox Church of Greece Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag[1] With its history of being a part of various jurisdictions, the Genuine Orthodox Church of America tends to be in a constant state of hostility toward its former affiliations.

The jurisdiction's bishop, Gregory (George) of Denver (born an Antiochian), who was consecrated to the episcopacy in the ROAC, claims to be "the only hierarch in the United States who has remained free of any communion or union with this heresy of Ecumenism who has valid apostolic succession," and thus claims "to be truly canonical."[2]

The jurisdiction is supported mainly by profits from the iconography and publishing work of its two monastic centers, Dormition Skete and Holy Apostles Convent, both in Buena Vista.


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