Gabriel IV of Constantinople

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His All Holiness Gabriel IV of Constantinople was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1780 to 1785.

Upon becoming patriarch, Patr. Gabriel was confronted with the situation of the defrocked and excommunicated hieromonk Athanasius Parios, of the Mount Athos spiritual Kollyvades Movement, who had been condemned by Patr. Sophronius II and the Holy Synod of Constantinople in 1776 as a heretic. On appeal to Patr. Gabriel and his Synod of Bishops, Athanasius Parios successfully defended himself of the charges of heresy and regained communion and his priesthood in 1781.

During the seventeenth century many of the Orthodox monasteries, during the time of Turkish occupation, moved to an idiorrythmic organization wherein the abbot was replaced by a number of "trustees" that changed each year. As this organizational concept affected the rule for the monasteries of Mount Athos, Patr. Gabriel blessed the new typikon for the monasteries of Mount Athos in 1783. This typikon has regulated the life of the monastic republic of Mount Athos ever since.

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Gabriel IV of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Sophronius II
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Prokopius I
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