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His Eminence Gabriel I (Russkoy) of Kazan, also Gavriil I of Kazan, was the Archbishop of the Eparchy of Kazan of the Church of Russia in the eighteenth century, serving from 1735 to 1738.


Born Grigory Russkoy (Григорий Русской). He served earlier as Bishop of Suzdal during an unknown period. He was transferred to the Eparchy of Kazan in 1735. On March 9, 1738, Abp. Gabriel exchanged sees with Bishop Luke (Konashevich) of the Diocese of Veliky Ustjug. After his transfer to the Diocese of Veliky Ustjug he apparently retired to a monastery in Ryazan province where he reposed in 1738.

Succession box:
Gabriel (Russkoy) of Kazan
Preceded by:
Luke (Konashevich)
Bishop of Veliky Ustjug
1738 - 1748
Succeeded by:
Barlaam (Skamnitsky)
Preceded by:
Hilarion (Rogalevsky)
Archbishop of Kazan
1735 - 1738
Succeeded by:
Luke (Konashevich)
Preceded by:
Bishop of Suzdal
1731 - 1735
Succeeded by:
Athanasius (Paussius-Kondoidi)
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