Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of Kiev

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Metropolitan Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of Kiev was the ruling bishop of a number of dioceses of the Church of Russia. Successively, he served as Bishop Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of Kolomna and Kashiry from 1749 to 1755. Then, as Bishop Gabriel II (Kremenetsky) of Kazan from 1755 to 1762, followed as Archbishop Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of St. Petersburg and Schliesselburg from 1762 to 1770 and finally as Metropolitan Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of Kiev from 1770 to 1783.


Born in 1708 in the town of Nosov in the region of Kiev, where his father was an official, Gregory Feodorovich Kremenetsky attended school at the Kiev Academy before attending the Kharkov Collegium. In 1733, Gregory entered the Moscow Academy. After completing his education at the Moscow Academy in 1736, Gregory Feodorovich became a teacher at the new seminary that had been opened at St. Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1739, Gregory Feodorovich was tonsured a monk with the name Gabriel and was appointed rector of the seminary the following year. On April 5, 1748, he was raised to the dignity of archimandrite and appointed abbot of the Novospassky (New Savior) Monastery and also was named a member of the Holy Synod.

On September 17, 1749 Archim. Gabriel was consecrated Bishop of Kolomna and Kashiry. On October 29, 1755, Bp. Gabriel was transferred to the see of Kazan. While he was the Bishop of Kazan, Bp. Gabriel consecrated Archim. Methodius of the Astrakhan Savior Monastery as Bishop of Astrakhan.

After serving the see of Kazan for almost six years, on July 25, 1762, Bp. Gabriel was again transferred to the see of St. Petersburg and Schliesselburg, trading sees with Metr. Benjamin (Putsek-Grigorovich). Then, on July 29, 1762, Bp. Gabriel was elevated in a dignity of archbishop. On September 22, 1770, Abp. Gabriel was appointed to the see of Kiev as metropolitan.

Metr. Gabriel reposed in office on August 8, 1783.

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Gabriel (Kremenetsky) of Kiev
Preceded by:
Bishop of Kolomna and Kashiry
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Luke (Konashevich)
Bishop of Kazan
Succeeded by:
Benjamin (Putsek-Grigotovich)
Preceded by:
Benjamin (Putsek-Grigorovich)
Archbishop of St. Petersburg
Succeeded by:
Gavriil (Petrov-Shaposhnikov)
Preceded by:
Arsenius (Mogilyansky)
Metropolitan of Kiev
Succeeded by:
Samuel (Mstislavsky)
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