Flavian (Fedea) of Slava

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Archbishop Flavian (secular name Fiodor Fedea, Russian: Фёдор Федя; 24th February 1971, Carcaliu, Tulcea County, Romania) is bishop of Lipovan Orthodox Old-Rite Church, ruler of Uspenia Monastery.

Fiodor Fedea was born on 24th February, 1971 in his native village, Carcaliu, where he also spent the most part of his blissful childhood.

From his grandfather he discovered the beauty of church reading and singing, and with his grandmother Daria, he went every year in pilgrimage at Uspenia Monastery. He never missed a single parish fair, as the divine service, he felt, gave him a sense of spiritual elation.

After graduating high school, he joined the army, as he knew that he had to “render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”, and then “unto God the things that are God’s”.

In October 1990, at only 19, upon God’s call, he went to serve Him. Until 1992, he served as a novice, and then he took the monastic vows and received a new spiritual name - Flavian. For a year, he served as a reader in the church, then in 1993, he became archdeacon and in 1997, he was ordained priest of the monastery.

After three years of priesthood, 5 july 2000 at Manolea village (Suceava county, Romania) he consecrated bishop of Slava by metropolitan Leontius (Izot). 24 июня 2000 he was elevated to dignity of archbishop.

Archbishop Flavian’s work include a lot of research concerning the history of the Old Rite church, people, the calendar, many other lipovan’s studies. He teaches at the theological High school in Iassy (mentioned above), organizes a theological summer school at the monastery every year. At present, he is the co-author of The Old Rite Calendar starting with the year 2003 to the present.