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{{February 6}}
{{February 6}}
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The Presentation

St. Photios the Great

Afterfeast of the Meeting of our Lord in the Temple; Saint Bucolus (Boukolos), Bishop of Smyrna; Martyr Julian of Emesa; Virgin-Martyr Fausta, and with her Evilasius and Maximus, at Cyzicus; Virgin-Martyr Dorothy, two sisters Christina and Callista, and Theophilus, at Caesaria in Cappadocia; Virgin-Martyrs Martha and Mary, and their brother Lycarion, in Egypt; Saint Photios, Patriarch of Constantinople; Saints Barsanouphios the Great and John the Prophet, monks of Palestine; Saint Dorothy, schema-nun of Kashin; Martyrs Faustus, Basil, Silvanus, and the holy martyrs of Darion in Constantinople; Saint John of Thebes, monk; Saint James the Ascetic; Martyr Julian (Ilyan) of Horns, the holy Unmercenary healer; Saint Arsenius of Ikaltoi of Georgia (see also February 3); Saint James of Kyros in Syria; Saint Mel, Bishop of Ardagh; Saint Vedast, Bishop of Arras; Saint Amand, Bishop of Elnon. Other events: repose of Archbishop Theophanes of Poltava