February 29

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St. John Cassian
St. John Cassian and St Germanus of Dobrogea

Saint Leo of Cappadocia, monastic; Saint Germanus of Dacia Pontica (Dobrogea, Romania) (c. 415); Venerable John Cassian the Roman, Abbot of Monastery of St Victor, Marseille (435); Venerable John, called Barsanuphius, of Nitria in Egypt (5th century); Saint George the Confessor, Bishop of Defeltos (7th century); Martyr Theocteristus, Abbot of Pelecete Monastery near Prusa (8th century); Saint Oswald of Worcester, Archbishop of York (992) Venerable Cassian, recluse and faster of the Kiev Caves (12th century); Saint Cassian of Mu Lake Hermitage, disciple of St. Alexander of Svir (16th century); Saint Arsenius (Matseyevich), Archbishop of Rostov (1772); Saint Meletius, Archbishop of Kharkov and Akhtyr (1840) (see also February 12); Other Commemorations: "Devpeteruv" Icon of the Mother of God (1392).