February 28

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St. John Cassian
St. John Cassian and St Germanus of Dobrogea

Apostles of the Seventy Nymphas and Euvoulos (1st century); Hieromartyr Nestor of Magydos, Bishop of Magydos, at Perge in Pamphylia (c. 250); Martyrs Macarius, Rufinus, Justus and Theophilus, in Rome (250); Martyrs Caerellius, Publius, Gaius, and Serapion, in Alexandria; Holy 6 Martyrs in Alexandria, Egypt (see also October 19); Martyr Abercius, by the sword; Saints Marina and Kyra, and Domnica, nuns, of Beroea (Aleppo) in Syria (c. 450); Hieromartyr Proterius of Alexandria, Patriarch of Alexandria, and six companions (457); Venerable Basil the Confessor (747), companion of St. Procopius, at Decapolis; Saint Romanus of Condat, desert-dweller of Condat in the Jura Mountains, Gaul (460); Saint Hilary (Hilarus), Pope of Rome (468); Saint Llibio, patron-saint of Llanlibio in Anglesey in Wales, confessor (6th century) Saint Maidoc (Madoc), Bishop, Llanmadog in Wales was named after him (6th century) Saint Ruellinus (Ruellin), successor of St Tudwal as Bishop of Tréguier in Brittany (6th century); Saint Sillan (Silvanus, Sulien), disciple of St Comgall in Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland, and his second successor as abbot there (c. 610); Saint Yaroslav the Wise, thrice Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev (1054) (see also [February 19]]); Holy 40,000 Martyrs, under the Mamluk Turks, by burning (13th century); Blessed Nicholas of Pskov, Fool-for-Christ (1576); New Virgin-martyr Kyranna of Thessaloniki (1751); New Hieromartyr Sergius, Priest (1932); Other Commemorations: Commemoration of the Great Earthquake at Antioch (1092); Commemorated on February 29 in leap years, otherwise on February 28: Saint Germanus of Dacia Pontica (Dobrogea, Romania) (c. 415); Venerable John Cassian the Roman, Abbot of Monastery of St Victor, Marseille (435); Venerable John, called Barsanuphius (Barsus of Damascus), of Nitria in Egypt (5th century); Saint George the Confessor, Bishop of Defeltos (7th century); Saint Leo of Cappadocia, monastic; Martyr Theocteristus, Abbot of Pelecete Monastery near Prusa (8th century) (see also November 10 and February 17); Saint Oswald of Worcester, Archbishop of York (992) Venerable Cassian, recluse and faster of the Kiev Caves (12th century); Saint Cassian of Mu Lake Hermitage, disciple of St. Alexander of Svir (16th century); Saint Arsenius (Matseyevich), Metropolitan of Rostov, Confessor (1772); Saint Meletius, Archbishop of Kharkov and Akhtyr (1840); "Devpeteruv" Icon of the Mother of God (1392).