February 22

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St. Athanasius the Confessor of Constantinople.

Saint Abilius (Avilius), Bishop of Alexandria (98); Saint Telesphorus, Pope of Rome (136); Saint Papius of Hierapolis (2nd century); Martyr Synesius (Synetus), by the sword; Martyrs Maurice, his son Photinus, Theodore, Philip, and 70 soldiers, at Apamea in Syria (286-305); Martyrs Anthusa and her 12 servants, by the sword; Saint Titus of Bostra, Bishop of Bostra in Arabia (378); Saint Ariston the Wonderworker, Bishop of Arsinoe, Cyprus (Famagusta) (c. late 4th - early 5th centuries); Venerable Baradates, hermit near Antioch (469); Venerable Saints Thalassius and Limnaeus, hermits near Cyrrhus (5th century); Holy Nine Children of Kola, Georgia (6th century): Guarami, Adarnasi, Bakari, Vache, Bardzini, Dachi, Djuansheri, Ramazi, and Parsmani; Saint Leontius of Lycia (6th century); Saints Babylus and his wife Comnita, of Nicosa (7th century); Venerable Athanasius the Confessor of Constantinople (821); Saint Peter the Stylite of Mount Athos; Saint Blaise (Vlasios), Bishop; Saint Paschasius, eleventh Bishop of Vienne in France (c. 312); Saint Maximianus of Ravenna, Bishop of Ravenna (c. 556); Saint Elwin (Elwen), missionary, a holy man who accompanied St Breaca from Ireland to Cornwall (6th century); Saint John the Saxon, born in Saxony in Germany, he restored monasticism in England after the Danish attacks, Abbot of Athelney (895); Saint Raynerius (Raynier), a monk at Beaulieu near Limoges, France (c. 967); Saint Herman, founder of Stolobny Monastery, Novgorod (1614); Saint Simon (Todorsky) of the Kiev Caves Lavra, Professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Archbishop of Pskov (1754) (see also February 21); New Hieromartyr Michael Lisitsyn, priest, of Ust-Labinskaya (1918); New Hieromartyrs Joseph Smirnov, Protopresbyter, and Vladimir Ilinsky, Priest (1918); New Hieromartyrs John Kastorsky, Deacon, and John Perebaskin, of Kostroma-Galich (1918); New Martyr Blessed Theoktista Mikhailovna, Fool-for-Christ, of Voronezh (1936); New Hieromartyrs Michael Gorbunov, John Orlov, Victor Morigerovsky, John Parushnikov, Sergius Belokurov, Andrew Yasenev, and Paul Smirnov, Priests (1938); New Hieromartyrs Sergius Bukashkin and Antipas Kirillov (1938); Virgin-martyrs Elizabeth Timokhin, Irene Smirnov, and Barbara Losev (1938); Virgin-martyr Parasceva Makarov (1938); Martyrs Stephen Frantov and Nicholas Nekrasov (1938); Martyrs Leonid Salkov and Peter Antonov, of Alma-Ata (1938); Martyr Andrew Gnevishev of Tver (1941); New Hieromartyr Philaret Pryakin (1942); Other Commemorations: Uncovering of the relics (607-610) of the Holy Apostles Andronicus and Junia (1st century) and the Holy Martyrs, at the Gate of Eugenios at Constantinople; Repose of Righteous Gregory (“Golden Grits”) Miroshnikov of Sednev (1855); Repose of Schema-nun Avramia of Kashin (1855).