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February 21



Saint Eustathios of Antioch, Archbishop of Antioch (337); Hieromartyr Severian, Bishop of Scythopolis in Palestine (452); Venerable Andreas and Anatolios, monastics of the Church of Jerusalem, disciples of Venerable Euthymius the Great (5th century); Saint Maximianus of Ravenna, Bishop of Ravenna and Confessor (c. 556); Saint John Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople (577); Saint Zachariah, Patriarch of Jerusalem (632); Venerable Timothy of Symbola on Mt. Olympus in Bithynia (795); Saint George of Amastris, Bishop of Amastris on the Black Sea (c. 805); Saint Felix of Metz, third Bishop of Metz in France for over forty years (2nd century); Saint Severus and Sixty-Two Companions, martyrs in Syrmium in Pannonia (3rd-4th centuries); Saint Alexander of Adrumetum, martyred with others in North Africa (c. 434); Martyrs Verulus, Secundinus, Siricius, Felix, Servulus, Saturninus, Fortunatus and Companions, martyrs in North Africa, probably under the Vandals (c. 434); Saint Paterius, Bishop of Brescia and a prolific writer (606); Saint Pepin of Landen, Duke of Brabant, was the husband of St Ida and father of St Gertrude of Nivelles and St Begga (c. 646); Saint Ercongotha, a nun at Faremoutiers-en-Brie under her aunt, St Ethelburgh, but reposed very young (660) Saint Gundebert (Gumbert, Gondelbert), Bishop of Sens in France (c. 676); Saint Germanus of Granfelden, Abbot of Granfield in the Val Moutier in Switzerland, martyred with another monk, Randoald, while interceding for the poor (677); Saint Avitus II of Clermont, Bishop of Clermont in Auvergne, one of the great bishops of the age (689); Saint Valerius, a monk and Abbot of San Pedro de Montes, he left several ascetic writings (695); Saint Macarius, Hieroschemamonk of Glinsk Hermitage (1864); New Hieromartyrs Alexander Vislyansky, Daniel Alferov and Gregory Klebanov, Priests (1930); New Hieromartyr Constantine Pyatikrestovsky, Priest and Paul Shirokogorov, Deacon (1938); Virgin-Martyr Olga Koshelev (1939); Other Commemorations: "Kozelshchina" (Kolzelshchanskaya) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos (1881); Repose of Blessed Simon (Todorsky), Bishop of Pskov (1754) (see also February 22).