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February 18



Martyrs Leo and Parigorius of Patara in Lycia (c. 258); Venerable Agapitus the Confessor and Wonderworker, Bishop of Synnada in Phrygia (c. 308-324); Martyrs Victor, Dorotheus, Theodoulus, and Agrippa, at Synnada in Phrygia Salutaris, who suffered under Licinius (c. 308-324); Martyr Piulius (Publius), by the sword; Saint Flavian the Confessor, Archbishop of Constantinople (c. 449) (see also February 16); Saint Leo the Great, Pope of Rome (461) (see also November 10 - West); Saint Blaise of Amorion and Mt. Athos (c. 908); Saints Maximus, Claudius, Praepedigna, Alexander and Cutias, martyrs in Rome who suffered under Diocletian (295) (see also August 11); Saints Lucius, Silvanus, Rutulus, Classicus, Secundinus, Fructulus and Maximus, martyrs in North Africa; Saint Helladius of Toledo, Archbishop of Toledo and Confessor (632); Venerable Colman of Lindisfarne, Bishop of Lindisfarne and Confessor (676); Saint Ethelina (Eudelme), the patroness of Little Sodbury, now in Gloucestershire in England; Saint Angilbert, Abbot of St. Riquier in the north of France where there were some 300 monks (c. 740-814); Venerable Cosmas, founder of Yakhromsk Monastery, Vladimir (1492); Saint Nicholas V of Georgia, Catholicos of Georgia (1591); New Hieromartyr Alexander Medvedsky, Priest (1932); New Hieromartyr Vladimir Terentiev, Priest (1933); New Hieromartyr Benjamin, Hieromonk (1938); Virgin-martyr Anna (1940); Other Commemorations: Yakhromsk Icon of the Mother of God; Finding of the relics (1961) of New Martyr Irene of Mytilene (1463) (see also May 12 - Greek); Commemoration of the New Martyrs who suffered during the “Holy Night” in St. Petersburg (1932); Repose of Schemamonk Constantine (Cavarnos), spiritual writer (2011).