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Major orders
Bishop - Priest - Deacon
Minor orders
Subdeacon - Reader
Cantor - Acolyte
Other orders
Chorepiscopos - Exorcist
Doorkeeper - Deaconess - Presbytide
Episcopal titles
Patriarch - Catholicos
Archbishop - Metropolitan
Auxiliary - Titular
Priestly titles
Archimandrite - Protopresbyter
Archpriest - Protosyngellos
Diaconal titles
Archdeacon - Protodeacon
Minor titles
Protopsaltes - Lampadarios
Monastic titles
Abbot - Igumen
Ordination - Vestments
Presbeia - Honorifics
Clergy awards - Exarch
Proistamenos - Vicar
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An exorcist is an extinct office within the minor orders of clergy. The primary duty of exorcists was as the instructor of catechumens, whose entrance into the catechumenate was accompanied by an exorcism, ridding them of any demonic presence that may affect them. An exorcist may also have been called upon in other instances requiring an exorcism, such as the suspicion of demon possession or a person or location.

The exorcism of catechumens has subsequently been conflated into the rite of baptism and is usually performed by the priest or bishop doing the baptism. Since the fourth century, the functions and ministry of the exorcist have been subsumed by the presbyter.

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