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[[Category: Bishops]]
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Eustratius Garidas, (Greek: Εὐστράτιος Γαριδᾶς), was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1081 to 1084.

Little is known of the life of Eustratius. He was a monk and eunuch who was a favorite of Anna Dalassena, the "mother of the Comneni". In 1081, after Anna Dalassena's son Alexius I Comnenus became emperor, Eustratius became patriarch after the sitting patriarch, Patr. Cosmas I, had crowned Alexius' wife Irene Augusta and then resigned.

During his short tenure as patriarch Eustratius protected John Italus, a philosopher associated with the emperor's court whose teaching about the transmigration of souls was considered erroneous and had been condemned by Eustratius' predecessor Patr. Cosmas. Eustratius' involvement in this case cost him the patriarchal throne in July 1084.

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Eustratius Garidas of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Cosmas I
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Nicholas III Grammaticus
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