Eustatius I of Pec

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Our father among the saints Jevstatije or Eustace I of Pec(Свети Јевстатије архиепископ српски) was the archbishop of Serbia from 1279 to 1286. His Feast day is January 4 in Julian Calendar.


He was born into a noble family in Budimlje county. As a youth he joined the St. Archangel Michael Monastery which was the residence of the Bishop of Zeta. In this monastery Eustace studied theology and canon law. He was tonsured and ordained by Bishop of Zeta Neofit. Seeking a more ascetic life Eustace left St. Archangel Michael Monastery for Mount Athos. He spent many years in Hilandar Monastery and was elected igumen in 1262. In 1265, Igumen Eustace was elected Bishop of Zeta.

Eustace was elected archbishop of Serbia in June 1279 and ruled the Church of Serbia for seven years. He died on June 4 1286. He was later glorified leaving behind his incorrupted relics.

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Eustatius I of Pec
Preceded by:
Bishop of Zeta
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St.Joanikije I
Archhbishop of Serbia
Succeeded by:
St. Jakov
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