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The holy and glorious Virgin-martyr '''Dymphna''' (also ''Dympna'') was a 7th century Celtic saint (died circa 650).  Her [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[May 15]].
Born in Ireland, she was forced to flee to Belgium accompanied by a [[priest]], St Gerebern. Their [[relics]] were discovered at Gheel near Antwerp in the thirteenth century. Since then numberless cases of mental illness have been healed at their [[shrine]].
*[http://orthodoxengland.org.uk/saintsd.htm Orthodox Europe: Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome]
==External links==
*[[w:Saint_Dymphna|''Saint Dymphna'' at Wikipedia]]
*[http://www.saintpatrickdc.org/ss/0515.htm#dymp Dympna of Gheel] St. Patrick [[Roman Catholic|Catholic]] Church
[[Category:Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saints]]

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