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{{english}}Our Father among [[saint]]s '''Dositej the Confessor''', (Dositheus) (Vasić),('''Свети Исповједник Доситеј Загребачки''') was Serbian Orthodox [[Metropolitan]] of Zagreb from 1931 to 1941. His feast day is ([[December 31]]/[[January 4]]).
{{english}}Our Father among [[saint]]s '''Dositej the Confessor''', (Dositheus) (Vasić),('''Свети Исповједник Доситеј Загребачки''') was Serbian Orthodox [[Metropolitan]] of Zagreb from 1931 to 1941. His feast day is [[December 31]].

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Our Father among saints Dositej the Confessor, (Dositheus) (Vasić),(Свети Исповједник Доситеј Загребачки) was Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan of Zagreb from 1931 to 1941. His feast day is December 31.


Metropolitan Dositej was born in Belgrade on December 5, 1887. He completed his education in both grammar school and the seminary in Belgrade. In 1904, he graduated from the theological academy in Kiev with the degree of Magister of Theology. He, then, studied theology and philosophy for two years at Berlin University. He also studied experimental philosophy in Leipzig. He took monastic vows and was ordained hierodeacon when he was a seminary student. He was assigned the position of assistant professor at the St. Sava Seminary in Belgrade in 1907. Two years later in 1909, he continued his studies at the Sorbonne, in Paris. At the end of 1910, he went to Geneva where he remained until the declaration of the Balkan War.

As Bishop

In May 1913, the Holy Synod of Bishops elected him bishop. On May 25, 1913 he was consecrated Bishop of Niš. Early in World War I, Bp. Dositej was interned, but returned to his diocese in 1918. With peace, Bp. Dositej was elected vice-president of the Central Assembly of Bishops. He spent three years engaged in missionary work in Czechoslovakia. In 1931, he was appointed the first hierarch of the newly established Zagreb Diocese. He founded an Orthodox monastery dedicated to St. Paraskeva in Zagreb. He also administrated the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac-Banja Luka and helped Rt. Rev. Miron, the Bishop of Pakrac. During the terminal illness of Serbian Patr. Varnava, and as the senior member of the Holy Synod, he administered the affairs of the Serbian Church. After Patr. Varnava's death, and until the election of a new patriarch in 1938, Bp. Dositej administered the Belgrade-Karlovci Archdiocese.

Torturing and Death

After the World War II began, Metr. Dositej was arrested and confined by the Zagreb police in a prison on Petrinjska Street. Being seriously ill, he was transferred to a hospital where he was tortured and molested by nuns. He was then transported, unconscious, to Belgrade and placed in the Monastery of the Entrance of the Most Holy Mother of God, where the sisterhood of the monastery cared for him until he died from his injuries on January 13, 1945. He was buried in the churchyard of this monastery.

At the regular session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the name of Metr. Dositej was, entered into the List of Names of saints of the Serbian Church as a Confessor.



O Teacher of Orthodoxy and Instructor of virtues and purity, O Luminary of the whole world, O God-Inspired Ornament of Hierarchs, O Most-wise Dositej, you have enlightened all by your teaching, O Spiritual Flute, entreat Christ the Lord to save our souls.

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Dositheus (Vasich) of Zagreb
Preceded by:
Jernim (Jovanović)
Bishop of Niš
Succeeded by:
Dr. Jovan (Ilić)
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Metropolitan of Zagreb
Succeeded by:
Dr. Damaskin (Grdanički)
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