Dositej (Motika) of Britain and Scandinavia

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His Grace, Dositej (Motika) of Britain and Scandinavia is the bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia, a diocese of the Church of Serbia.


Bishop Dositej was born on October 14, 1949 in the village of Zagoni near Sarajevo. After completing his primary education in Thessalonica, he studied at the monastic school at the Monastery of Ostrog before entering the seminary in Karlovci. He continued his education at the Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade. After his graduation, he continued his graduate studies for three years at Regensburg, Germany and Bern, Switzerland.

He was tonsured a monk in 1970 and subsequently was ordained to the Holy Orders. As a parish priest Bp. Dositej served from 1985 to 1988 in Argentina with the missionary diocese of the Church of Serbia and later as Secretary of the Diocesan Board in Toronto, Canada. On May 22, 1990, Bp. Dositej was consecrated to the episcopate, and, in December 1990, he was appointed the first bishop of the new Serbian Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia. Bp. Dositej is also fluent in German and Spanish.

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Dositej (Motika) of Britain and Scandinavia
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