Dochiariou Monastery (Athos)

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Holy Monastery of Dochiariou
Rank or attached monastery Tenth
Type of community Cenobitic Monastery
Founded Late 10th Century
Superior unknown
Approx. size unknown
Location Southwestern
Liturgical language(s) Greek
Music used Byzantine chant
Feastdays celebrated Ss Michael and Gabriel-Archangels

The Dochiariou Monastery is located on the southwestern coast of the Athos Peninsula in northern Greece. It is ranked tenth in the hierarchical order of the twenty monasteries located on the peninsula. As is case of the other institutions on Mount Athos, life at Dochiariou is coenobitic.


The origins of Dochiariou Monastery can be traced to the tenth century. The circumstances of its founding are varied. One variant is that the monastery was originally founded near the port of Daphne at the end of the tenth century by Euthymios, who was a pupil of St. Athanasius the Athonite, and a “dohiaris