Dimitry (Obuhoff)

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Hieromonk Dimitry (Obuhoff) was a priestmonk in the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand, ROCOR.

Biographical timeline

  • 1956: Archbishop Sava of Sydney commissions Hmk Dimitry to build a monastery in Kentlyn, on land donated by Pdn Peter Grishaev. To join him, the Archbishop recruited three men who wanted to test their monastic vocation.
Sep 16: First Divine Liturgy celebrated.
  • 1959 Mar: Monastery project seems to have failed. Hmk Dimitry was assigned to the Russian Orthodox Church of the Joy of All who Sorrow, Geelong, Victoria, as the second permanent priest (after four years without a priest); two of the other novices returned to the world, the third remaining and being in charge of the diocesan candle-factory. The monastery project, however, would later become St John the Baptist Skete.
  • 1962: Hmk Dimitry was transferred to Brisbane.
Succession box:
Dimitry (Obuhoff)
Preceded by:
Superior of St. John the Baptist Skete
(Kentlyn, New South Wales, Australia)

Succeeded by:
Monk Guri (Demidov)
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