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Ss. Joachim and Anna with their daughter the Ever-virgin Mary.
St. Patapius of Thebes

Forefeast of the Conception by St. Anna of the Most Holy Theotokos; Holy Apostles of the Seventy (see also March 30) (1st c.): Sosthenes, Apollos, Cephas, Tychicus, Epaphroditus, Caesar, and Onesiphorus; Saint Patapius of Thebes (4th c.); Holy 362 Martyrs of Africa, martyred by the Arians (see also December 7): 62 priests and 300 laymen martyred by the Arians (477); Venerable Sophronius, Bishop of Cyprus (8th c.); Venerable Aeros, Archbishop of the Church of Jerusalem; Saint Eucharius (Valerius), first Bishop of Trier in Germany (ca.250); Saint Eutychian, Pope of Rome, venerated as a martyr (283); Martyr Anthusa (Anthysa) at Rome (5th c.); Saint Budoc, Bishop of Plourin Ploudalmezeau in Finistère (6th c.); Saint Romaricus, monk at Luxeuil Abbey, later founded the monastery of Habendum (Remiremont Abbey, Romarici Mons), and became the second abbot (653); Saint Gunthild, a nun from Wimborne in England, went to Germany and became Abbess of a convent in Thuringia (748); Saint Cyril, Abbot of Chelmogorsk, Enlightener of the Chudian People (1367); Hieromartyr Michael Kiselev, Protopresbyter, new martyr of Perm (1918); Hieromartyr Alexander Fedoseyev, Priest, new martyr of Perm (1918); Hieromartyr Sergius (1937); Other Commemorations: New-Martyr Priest John (Kochurov) of Chicago (see October 31).