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December 30



Afterfeast of the Nativity of Christ; Apostle Timon the Deacon, of the Seventy (1st c.); Virgin-Martyr Anysia of Thessaloniki (298); Martyr Philoterus of Nicomedia (Philetairus), and with him six soldiers and one count (311); Hieromartyr Zoticus the Priest, of Constantinople, Guardian of Orphans (ca. 340) (see also December 31 - Greek); Saint Anysios of Thessaloniki, Bishop of Thessaloniki (384-407) (see also December 31 - Slavonic); Martyrs Magistrianus, Paulinus, Umbrius, Verus, Severus, Callistratus, Florentius, Arianus, Anthimus, Ubricius, Isidore, Euculus, Sampson, Studius, and Thespesius, who suffered under Julian the Apostate (361-363); Venerable Theodora of Caesarea in Cappadocia (755); Venerable Theodora of Constantinople, Nun (940); Venerable Leo (Leonidus) the Archimandrite; Saint Liberius of Ravenna, Bishop of Ravenna in Italy, venerated as one of the founders of that diocese (ca.200); Martyrs Sabinus of Spoleto, Exuperantius, Marcellus, Venustian and Companions (303); Saint Egwin of Evesham, Bishop of Worcester (717); Saint Eugene of Milan, Bishop and Confessor; Saint Sebastian, a monk who became Archbishop of Esztergom (1002) and Primate of Hungary in the time of St Stephen (1036); Saint Tryphon, Bishop of Rostov (1468); Saint Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia (1563); New Venerable Monk-martyr Gideon of Karakalou Monastery on Mount Athos, at Turnovo (1818); New Hieromartyr Priest Sergius Florinsky of Rakvere, Estonia (1918); Virgin-martyr Mary Danilova, New-Martyr of Yaroslavl-Rostov (1946); Other Commemorations: Uncovering of the relics (1652) of St. Daniel, Abbot of Pereyaslavl-Zalesski (1540).