Damaskinos (Papandreou) of Johannesburg and Pretoria

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His Grace, the Very Reverend Damaskinos (Papandreou) of Ghana is Bishop of the Diocese of Ghana, part of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.


Damaskinos Papandreou was born in Ermione, Argolida in 1957. His education included university studies for which he was granted degrees in Theology and Political Science. He entered the clergy in 1987. He was [[orination|ordained deacon, then priest, and awarded the rank of archimandrite. During the following years he served as a priest, preacher, catechist, and missionary in Greece and then Africa.

Fr. Damaskinos was elected by the Holy Synod of the Church of Alexandria on October 27, 2004 as Bishop of Ghana. He was consecrated on October 30 in the Church of St. Savvas in Alexandria.

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Damaskinos (Papandreou) of Johannesburg and Pretoria
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