Cyril V (John) of Alexandria

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HH Pope St. Kyrillos V (1874-1927)
His Holiness Pope St. Cyril (Kyrillos) V (born Youhanna (John) in 1824 or 1830/1831 according to different accounts) was the 112th Coptic Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark from 1874 to 1927 for fifty-two years and nine months.

During his papacy the Coptic Church was adorned by knowledgeable and holy men; among them was the great saint, Anba Abraam, Bishop of Fayoum.

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Cyril V (John) of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Demetrius II of Alexandria
Pope of Alexandria (Coptic)
Succeeded by:
John XIX of Alexandria
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The crown of Anba Cyril V, 112th Patriarch (Coptic Museum in Cairo)