Cyril II of Jerusalem

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His Beatitude, Cyril II of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Church of Jerusalem from 1845 to 1872. Cyril was patriarch during a period of increased interest by Imperial Russia in Palestine.

Cyril moved the residence of the patriarch of Jerusalem back to Jerusalem, ending the long period during which the patriarch of Jerusalem maintained his residence in the Phanar district of Constantinople and only visited Jerusalem occasionally. In 1849, to support the printing needs of the Orthodox community, Cyril brought a printing press in Jerusalem and established a publication capability for the patriarchate in Palestine.

In 1872, Cyril was deposed by Constantinople after he did not support the excommunication of the Bulgarians in their dispute with the patriarch of Constantinople, a dispute in which the Bulgarians wanted to establish a Bulgarian speaking clergy in their community and use Slavonic in their services. Cyril was succeeded by Procopius who was recognized by the Phanar. Cyril continued to be supported by the native Arab Orthodox and Russia. In 1875, Russia was able to depose Procopius, but Cyril had died by that time.

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Cyril II of Jerusalem

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