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([http://www.wikisym.org/ Oct 17-18: WikiSym])
([http://www.hellenic.hchc.edu/pages/news/prviolence.asp Oct 27-29: Violence and Christian Spirituality: An Ecumenical Conversation])
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[[http://WTHP1.coolhost.biz] [WTHPD1]]
[http://WTHP2.coolhost.biz  WTHPD2]
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==[http://www.ocf.net/collegeconf/index.asp Dec 27-31: OCF College Conference 2005]==
==[http://www.ocf.net/collegeconf/index.asp Dec 27-31: OCF College Conference 2005]==

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Please use this page to post information and links to upcoming conferences or other events of interest to the Orthodox communities. Entries will be removed after they have taken place. If you'd like to report on a conference or event that has already taken place, you may simply move the entry to its own page and expand it.


Oct 17-18: WikiSym

San Diego, California

The 2005 International Symposium on Wikis brings together wiki researchers, implementers, and users for the first time. The goal of the symposium is to find a voice for the community. The symposium has a rigorously reviewed research paper track as well as plenty of space for practitioner reports, demonstrations, and discussions. We are honored to announce that Ward Cunningham, the inventor and host of the original WikiWikiWeb, will present the opening keynote talk at WikiSym 2005. Anyone who is involved in using, researching, or developing wikis is invited to WikiSym 2005! —www.wikisym.org

Does anybody live near San Diego and/or want to go as our representative?

Oct 27-29: Violence and Christian Spirituality: An Ecumenical Conversation

Brookline, Massachusetts, on the campus of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

"The purpose of this international conference is to sensitize the Christian churches of their responsibility to work and to contribute their own resources in assisting humanity to develop a culture of peace and justice to overcome the roots of violence, oppression and despair that has led to explosions of cruelty and terror in many parts of the world. The scope of the conference will be achieved by exploring the root causes of violence in the modern world, as well as the challenges and the responsibility of the Christian churches, from an interdisciplinary and critical perspective, that includes contributions by social scientists, theologians, religious and community leaders."
"Registration fees for the three day conference, including all meals, is $80 per person if registered before September 20, and $100 for registration between September 21 and the conference start of October 27. For more information, contact the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis at the College. (617) 731-3500 or email: [ eclapsis -AT- hchc.edu ]." —www.hellenic.hchc.edu/pages/news/prviolence.asp

Guest speakers:

  • Dr. Marc Gopin, Director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University;
  • Dr. Ioannis Petrou, Professor of Social Ethics at the University of Thessaloniki's School of Theology;
  • Dr. Sam Kobia, the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches; and
  • Dr. John Witte, Jr., Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Religion at Emory University in Atlanta.

Persons of note (to address attendees):

  • Dr. Tarek Mitri, Inter-Religious Relations and Dialogue, World Council of Churches;
  • Dr. Ioannis Petrou, Professor of Social Ethics, School of Theology, University of Thessaloniki;
  • Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, Asst. General Secretary for International Affairs and Peace, National Council of Churches;
  • Rev. Dr. Diane C. Kessler, Executive Director, Massachusetts Council of Churches;
  • Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Asst. Professor of Pastoral Theology, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology;
  • Dr. David Little, T.J. Dermot Dunphy Professor of the Practice of Religion, Ethnicity and International Conflict, Harvard Divinity School;
  • Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, Assoc. Director, Institute on Religion and World Affairs, Boston University; and
  • Rev. Dr. Fernando Enns, Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Dec 27-31: OCF College Conference 2005

"Abide in Me, and I in you" – John 15:4-5. Under the jurisdiction of the SCOBA Campus Commission, these National Conferences of Orthodox Christian Fellowship are open to college students, high school graduates, and college-age young adults. Both conferences will include a variety of enlightening workshops, daily services, and many different social events. They aim to promote unity among Orthodox young people and to renew them in their journeys toward salvation. —www.ocf.net/collegeconf

East Coast. Antiochian Village - Bolivar, PA. Keynote: Fr. Thomas Hopko

West Coast. St. Nicholas Ranch - Dunlap, CA. Keynote: TBA

Seminary Events