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The immigration of the Copts to Canada might have started as early as the late 1950s. Starting in the 1970s, Canada has been receiving a greater number of these immigrants, and the number of Coptic immigrants into Canada has been growing ever since. According to the census, there were over 10,000 Orthodox Copts in Canada by the year 2001 — an increase from only 5,000 in 1991. With that calculated growth rate, this figure could now be as high as 25,000 [1] [2].

The story of the first Coptic Orthodox Church established in North America, St. Mark's in Toronto, Canada, can be found here. Now, there are over 30 Coptic Orthodox Churches in Canada — and counting.

The Coptic Orthodox Church has Churches and congregations in the following regions: [3] [4]

File:St Mark's CopticChurch--TO.jpg
St Mark's Coptic Church, Toronto, the first Coptic Orthodox Church in North America.


  • Virgin Mary and Saint Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church, Mississauga
    • 1245 Eglinton Avenue West, Mississauga, Ontario L5V 2M4
    • A.K.A. Coptic Canadian Centre — Website:
    • Six Priests: Hegomen (Archpriest) Fr. Angelos Saad, Fr. Maximos Rizkalla, Fr. Domadios Saleh, Fr. Botrous Phillopos, Fr. Bishoy Wasfy, and Fr. Makari Youssef.
      File:Canadian Coptic Center.jpg
      The Canadian Coptic Center in Mississauga, built in Coptic Style

  • St Anthony and St Philopateer Coptic Orthodox Church, Mississauga
    • 6460 Milcreek Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5V 2M4
    • Website:
    • The same Priests from Virgin Mary and Saint Athanasius Church also serve this one.

  • Saint Mina and Saint Kyrollos (Cyril) Coptic Orthodox Church, Mississauga
    • E. Dundas Street, Mississauga, Ontario L5V 2M4
    • Website:
    • The same Priests from Virgin Mary and Saint Athanasius Church also serve this one.

  • Saint George and Saint Rueiss Coptic Orthodox Church, North York
A Coptic Orthodox Priest
  • Ti Agia Maria and St Demiana Coptic Orthodox Church, Etobicoke

  • Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Ottawa

  • Saint Mary and Saint Moses the Black Coptic Orthodox Church, Windsor

  • Saint George and St Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church, Gloucester

  • Archangel Michael and Saint Tekla Coptic Orthodox Church, Brampton

  • Saint Mary and Saint Mary Magdalene Coptic Orthodox Church, Barrie
    • Barrie, Ontario
    • No website.


  • Saint George and Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church, Pierrefonds
    • 17400 Pierrefonds Boulevard, Pierrefonds, Quebec H9J 3E4
    • Website:
    • Three Priests: Hegomen (Archpriest) Fr. Arsanius Serry, Fr. Joseph Sedra, and Fr. Raphael Bishara.

  • Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, St. Hubert


  • Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, Calgary

British Columbia

  • Saint George Coptic Orthodox Church, Surrey


  • Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Winnipeg

New Brunswick

  • Holy Virgin Mary and St George Coptic Orthodox Church, St. John
    • St Hubert, New Brunswick
    • No website
    • One Priest: Fr. Seraphim Youssef.


Nova Scotia


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