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'''Conversion''' is the process by which a person decides to become Orthodox, as opposed to being brought up in the Orthodox faith from childhood.
A '''convert''', someone who has undergone conversion, may have any non-Orthodox background, including no religious beliefs (i.e., atheism), non-Christian religious beliefs (e.g., [[Islam|Muslim]], Buddhist), or non-Orthodox or heterodox Christian beliefs (e.g. [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]], [[Protestantism|Protestant]]).
In the latter case, the individual may be received into the Church by the [[sacrament]] of [[chrismation]], as long as the person has already had a [[baptism]] using the [[Holy Trinity|Trinitarian]] formula ("In the name of the Father, and of the [[Jesus|Son]], and of the [[Holy Spirit]]"). In the two former cases, individuals would be received by the sacrament of baptism, then chrismated.
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