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Dr. Constantinos Athanasopoulos, FHEA, is working currently for the Institute for Orthodox Studies, Cambridge UK, as its Director of Distance Learning. He also works as an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University (teaching the course: AA308, Thought and Experience, in Scotland) and as a Philosophical Consultant. He also is an Editor for the British Wittgenstein Society and runs the BWS Annotated Wittgenstein Bibliography.

An academic teacher, with many years of teaching experience and research in Philosophy and Theology, he has a Batchelor of Arts from Brandon University, Canada (Major and Specialist degree in Philosophy, Double Minors in Psychology and Religion), a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Moral Philosophy) from the University of St Andrews, a Master in Educational Studies from the Hellenic Open University and a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow. During 2005-7, he carried out academic teaching research project work, which was accredited by SEDA and the Higher Education Academy, allowing him to have the title "Fellow of the Higher Education Academy". He worked, teaching various areas of Philosophy, at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), the Universities of Athens, Pireus and Patras (Greece), the Helllenic Open University, the American College of Thessaloniki and the Free University of Bolzano (Italy). During 2007-2008, he worked as an e-Learning Officer at the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Theological Studies (Leeds) producing a wealth of resources for use of the Philosophy and Religious Studies academics in the UK in relation to good e-learning practice in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies and organising an International e-Learning Conference in York in 2008.

His many works in Philosophy and Theology include the book: Ancilla Theologiae: Philosophy and Theology in Medieval times and the Byzantium (Parousia publ., 2004), for many the publication of this book is one of the reasons which led him into self-exile in the UK, due to persecution for his actively pro-Orthodox attitude in the academic circles of Philosophy and Theology in his own home country.

He has contributed to many International Conferences in Philosophy and Theology (in Greece, Russia, UK, Switzerland, Poland, South Africa) and he is a member of various Philosophical Societies and editorial boards of Philosophical Journals in the UK and abroad.

For more information about his work (and to download some of his published papers) visit: