Constantine XI Palaiologos

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Constantine XI Palaeiologos, or Palaeologos (Gr: Κωνσταντίνος ΙΑ' Δραγάσης Παλαιολόγος), was the last reigning Byzantine Emperor of the Palaiologos Dynasty, born 1404 AD in Mystras, and ruled from 1449 until his death in May 29, 1453. He is also referred to as Dragases.

Brief History

Constantine was the son of Emperor Manuel II. He was trained as a soldier and in 1441 conquered the Morea Peninsula of Greece. It had long been under the Frankish principality of Achaia [1] Constantine was crowned Emperor january 6, 1449 AD succeeding his brother and a little less than five years in 1453 AD was killed during the final assaults by the Turkish Sultan, Mehmed II, advances on Constantinople.

See also

  • Mystras
  • St. Ypomoni (Patience) (May 29), known as Helen Dragases before becoming a nun, she was the wife of Constantine XI Palaiologos. She was a monastic for over 25 years, entering after the death of her husband, and died 1450. Her icon is found at the Monastery of St. Patapios, Loutraki of Korinthos, Greece.


  1. Achaia: A state established by the Crusaders.