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Constantine may refer to:



Roman/Byzantine Emperors



  1. See Constantine (British saint) and Constantine of Dumnonia. Note that the Great Synaxaristes also includes an additional, separate entry for May 9 for a certain "Constantine the martyr, King of the Scots", who is similarly listed as having been martyred in the year 576 AD as well, perhaps pointing to the same Saint although this is uncertain.
  2. Eastern Orthodox consider Constantine XI a saint (or a national martyr or ethnomartyr), although he has not been officially recognized as such by the Greek Orthodox Church. However, the erection of the statue of "Saint Constantine XI the Ethnomartyr" in the square in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, with the formal blessing of the Church authorities, appears to be a semi-official act of recognition.
  3. St. Constantine is mentioned by Archbishop Dmitri Sambikin (1905-1908), in the Menologion and Paterikon of Tver.


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