Classification of Feasts

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In the Orthodox Church, liturgical celebrations are ranked according to a hierarchy of several classifications. Each class as its own characteristics and is expressed in the divine servcies and disciplines of the Church in a particular way. See also feast day.


Pascha is in a class of its own, ranking above all other commemorations.

The twelve Great Feasts are divided between First Class Feasts (feasts of our Lord) and Second Class Feasts (feasts of the Theotokos).

The lesser classes—Third Class Feasts, Fourth Class Feasts, and Fifth Class Feasts—commemorate the lives of the saints, holy events, and holy objects. Between the Third Class and Fourth Class there are two Intermediate Classes.

First Class Feasts

Second Class Feasts

Third Class Feasts

Intermediate Classes


Small Bells

Fourth Class Feasts

Fifth Class Feasts

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