Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

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The Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece is an Old Calendarist body (one of the Florinite jurisdictions) which in 1935 broke from the Church of Greece over the latter's use of the Revised Julian Calendar, believing instead that the Julian Calendar is the only correct calendar for the Orthodox Church. It is not in communion with the mainstream Orthodox Church. Its current primate is Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

Primates (1935-present)

  • Metropolitan Germanos of Demetrias (1935-1943)
  • Metropolitan Chrysostom of Florina (1943-1955)
  • Archbishop Akakios of Talantion (1960-1963)
  • Archbishop Auxentios of Athens (1963-1986)
  • Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens (1986-present)

Current hierarchs

  • Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens
  • Metropolitan Akakios of Diavlia
  • Metropolitan Maximos of Demetrias
  • Metropolitan Kallinikos of Achaia
  • Metropolitan Justin of Evripos
  • Metropolitan Pavlos of America
  • Metropolitan Gerontios of Peiraeus
  • Metropolitan Chrysostom of Attica
  • Bishop Gregory of Christianoupolis
  • Bishop Theodosios of Vresthena
  • Bishop Photios of Marathon
  • Bishop Christodoulos of Theoupolis
  • Metropolitan Spyridon of Australia (retired)

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