Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece

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The Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece is comprised of those Orthodox Christians that follow the Old Calendar in Greece. It is presided by His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostom II.

First-Hierarchs of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece (1935-present)

Metropolitan Germanos of Demetrias (1935-1943) Metropolitan Chrysostom of Florina (1943-1955) Archbishop Akakios of Talantion (1960-1963) Archbishop Auxentios of Athens (1963-1986) Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens (1986-present)

Current Hierarchs

Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens Metropolitan Akakios of Diavlia Metropolitan Maximos of Demetrias Metropolitan Kallinikos of Achaia Metropolitan Justin of Evripos Metropolitan Pavlos of America Metropolitan Gerontios of Peiraeus Metropolitan Chrysostom of Attica Bishop Gregory of Christianoupolis Bishop Theodosios of Vresthena Bishop Photios of Marathon Bishop Christodoulos of Theoupolis ret. Metropolitan Spyridon of Australia