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The '''Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece''' is an [[Old Calendarist]] body (one of the [[Florinites|Florinite]] jurisdictions) which in 1935 broke from the [[Church of Greece]] over the latter's use of the [[Revised Julian Calendar]], believing instead that the [[Julian Calendar]] is the only correct calendar for the Orthodox Church.  It is not in communion with the mainstream Orthodox Church.  Its current [[primate]] is Archbishop Chrysostomos II.
==Primates (1935-present)==
*Metropolitan Germanos of Demetrias (1935-1943)
*Metropolitan Chrysostom of Florina (1943-1955)
*Archbishop Akakios of Talantion (1960-1963)
*Archbishop Auxentios of Athens (1963-1986)
*Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens (1986-present)
==Current hierarchs==
*Archbishop Chrysostom of Athens
*Metropolitan Akakios of Diavlia
*Metropolitan Maximos of Demetrias
*Metropolitan Kallinikos of Achaia
*Metropolitan Justin of Evripos
*Metropolitan Pavlos of America
*Metropolitan Gerontios of Peiraeus
*Metropolitan Chrysostom of Attica
*Bishop Gregory of Christianoupolis
*Bishop Theodosios of Vresthena
*Bishop Photios of Marathon
*Bishop Christodoulos of Theoupolis
*Metropolitan Spyridon of Australia (retired)
==External link==
[http://www.ecclesiagoc.gr/ Official website]
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