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His Beatitude Archbishop '''Chrysostomos II (Demetriou)''' of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus is the [[Archbishop]] of the [[Church of Cyprus]].
==Biographical Timeline==
*1941 [[April 10]]: Born in the village of Tala, near Paphos, in south of Cyprus.
*[[Tonsure]]d after secondary school.
*1963: [[ordination|Ordained]] to [[diaconate]].  Sent to study theology at University of Athens.  Later graduated and ordained to [[priest]]hood.
*1972: Made [[abbot]] of [[Monastery]] of St Neophytos
*1978-2006: Made [[Metropolitan]] of Paphos.
*2004 April: Spoke out against UN plan for reunification of Cyprus (which was eventually rejected in popular vote).
*2006 [[May 17]]: ''[[Locum tenens]]'' of Church of Cyprus.  Told press during election that he would remain in office for five years at most.
*2006 [[November 5]]: Elected Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and Primate of the Church of Cyprus, defeating Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol.
::12: Enthroned at St Nicholas Cathedral of Nicosia.
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before=[[Chrysostomos I (Kykkiotis) of Nea Justiniana|Chrysostomos I]]|
title=Archbishop of Cyprus|
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*''The Messenger'', Episcopal Vicariate of Great Britain and Ireland, February 2007
==External links==
*[http://orthodoxresearchinstitute.org/resources/hierarchs/cyprus/current.htm#chrysostomos_arch_cyprus Listing] at the Orthodox Research Institute
*[http://www.tala.org.cy/english/archbishop.htm Archbishop Chrysostomos II]
*[[w:Archbishop Chrysostomos II|''Archbishop Chrysostomos II'' at Wikipedia]]
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