Chrysostomos (Korakitis) of Mani

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His Eminence Chysostomos (Korakitis) of Mani is the Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Mani under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. Mani is an ancient name of the area now known as Gytheion and Oetylos, the former title of the metropolis.[1] The title of the metropolis was changed in 2010. The metropolis is located in the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece. Metr. Chysostomos has been metropolitan since 1996.


Demetrius Korakitis was born in 1933 in Athens, Greece. He studied theology at the Theological School of the University of Athens, graduating in 1957. From 1958 to 1963 he taught in Messinia. Demetrius entered the Holy Orders in 1960 when he was ordained a deacon with the name Chysostomos. In 1966, he was ordained a priest and was assigned to historic Church of St. Irene on Aiolou street in Athens.

Fr. Chysostomos was elected to the episcopate in 1996 and consecrated Metropolitan of the Metropolis of Gytheion and Oetylos on October 6,1996. In 2010, the title of the metropolis was changed to Metropolis of Mani.

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Chrysostomos (Korakitis) of Mani
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