Chrysanthos of Cyprus

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Archbishop Chrysanthos of Cyprus was the primate of Church of Cyprus for two periods, from 1767 to 1783 and from 1784 to 1810. During the interval of 1783/1784, Bishop Ioannikios was elected but not consecrated to the archiepiscopate.

After his installation as archbishop in 1767, Chrysanthos pursued a program of renovating many of the facilities of the archdiocese. He undertook the reconstruction of a number of churches. These included the Church of St. Demetrios of Nikoklia and the Monastery of St. Neophytos. In 1773, Abp. Chrysanthos commissioned the renovation of the church and cells of the Monastery of Panayia Chrysospiliotissa (Our Lady of the Golden Cave) that dated from the year 400.

In 1783, Abp. Chrysanthos led a group of Orthodox hierarchs, that included Bishops Panaretos of Paphos, Meletios of Kitium, and Sophronios of Kyrenia, to Constantinople that gained the discharge of the Governor of Cyprus, Muhassil Haci Baki Agha who had oppressed the Orthodox people of Cyprus since 1775.

Abp. Chrysanthos reposed in 1810.

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Chrysanthos of Cyprus
Preceded by:
Archbishop of Cyprus
Succeeded by:
Ioannikios (not consecrated)

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