Christophoros (Rakintzakis) of Andida

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His Grace Bishop Christophoros (Rakintzakis) is a bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate serving in Canada within the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada).


His Grace Bishop Christophoros of Andida was born in Athens. He is a Graduate of the Theological and Philosophical School of Athens. A recipient of the Greek State Scholarship, he received His Master of Arts degree from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He also served a two-year term as a reserve artillery officer in the Hellenic Army.

He has served in the Public Education system as a Middle School Principal, High School Principal, Superintendent of Secondary Education of the Province of Vyoteia (Boeotia Prefecture), and an educational assistant at the Consulate of Greece in Toronto.

He later served as the Dean of the Toronto Orthodox Theological Academy from its founding in 1998, until 2006.

Upon the recommendation of His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios (Athanassoulas) of Toronto, the Sacred and Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate elected the Very Rev. Christophoros Rakintzakis as titular Bishop of Andida, which was a former Diocese of the Metropolis of Pergis in Asia Minor.[note 1] He was elected Auxiliary Bishop on June 10, 1999 and was ordained as Bishop on June 26, 1999. His Grace Bishop Christophoros was consecrated Bishop at the Church of St. Nicholas in Scarborough, in a ceremony full of Byzantine majesty and beauty. Along with His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios, who presided at the consecration, the other ordaining Hierarchs who participated in the Consecration Liturgy were:

His Grace Bishop Christophoros is much loved and respected.


  1. Andida - (now Zivint or Bozova, near the Korkuteli district, of Antalya Province, in Turkey), a suffragan see of Perge in the province of Pamphylia Secunda in Asia Minor, within the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
    (Robert F. Taft, S.J.. "The Decline of Communion in Byzantium." In: Sharon E. Gerstel (Ed.). Thresholds of the sacred: architectural, art historical, liturgical, and theological perspectives on religious screens, East and West. Dumbarton Oaks, 2006. p.46.)


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