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== Timeline of Old Testament chronology ==
*-5509BC, - Creation of the World
Following is a proposed chronology (with no certainty) of the Prophets as they appeared in history not as they are listed in the Septuagint.
* 1. The holy [[Prophet]] Obdios (Obdias, Obadiah, Abdiu) contemporary of the Prophet Elias. Born 800BC. Celebrated [[November 19]].
* 2. The holy [[Prophet]] Joel. Dating is difficult - anywhere between 835BC to 699BC. Celebrated [[October 19]]
* 3. The holy [[Prophet]] Jonas. Flourished between 793-753 BC.
* 4. The holy [[Prophet]] Amos of Tekoa.
* 5. The holy [[Prophet]] Hosea.
* 6. The holy [[Prophet]] Esaias
* 7. The holy [[Prophet]] Michaeas
* 8. The holy [[Prophet]] Naum
* 9. The holy [[Prophet]] Sophonias
* 10. The holy [[Prophet]] Jeremias
* 11. The holy [[Prophet]] Abbakoum
* 12. The holy [[Prophet]] [[Daniel]]
* 13. The holy [[Prophet]] Ezekiel grew up in Jerusalem during the reign of Josias. He was from a priestly tribe and was deported to Babylon.
* 14. The holy [[Prophet]] Haggai grew up in Babylon in captivity during the reign of Darius Hystaspes (522-485 BC).
* 15. The holy [[Prophet]] Zacharias grew up in Galaad. He was of the tribe of Levi.
* 16. ''ca'' 331 BC - The holy [[Prophet]] Malachias was born in Sopha after the return of the captives from Babylon (538 BC) and grew up during the reign of Artaxerxes Longimanus, between 433-425 BC. Celebrated [[January 31]].

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