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OrthodoxWiki now has the ability to render newsfeeds from external sites, courtesy of the RSS-Feed extension and Magpie.


This extension can parse most popular kinds of RSS / RDF and Atom feeds.

The simplest usage is: <rss></rss>

Optional parameters can be also be added in between the <rss> and </rss> tags. They should be separated by a pipe (|), just like in links and templates.

Supported parameters include:

  • charset=... The charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.
  • short Do not show the description text for each news item.
  • max=x Shows x most recent headlines.
  • highlight= term1 term2 The terms separated by a space are highlighted.
  • filter= term1 term2 Show only rss items containing at least one of the terms.
  • reverse display the rss items in reverse order

A fuller example therefore might be:


Guidelines for Use

External RSS feeds should be used sparingly. Appropriate content includes:

  • News from Orthodox sources or tailoted for an Orthodox audience.
  • Parish news, and local Orthodox events notice boards.

Please do not use this extension for blogfeeds -- check out [] for this purpose.

All pages with external feeds should be added to [Category:Newsfeeds].

External feeds are licensed by their distributors, and not subject in any way to the OrthodoxWiki copyright.