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This page highlights particularly well-written and complete OrthodoxWiki articles. As there are hundreds of articles on OrthodoxWiki, we can use your help in keeping track of the great ones. Please use the discussion page to nominate an article for this category or to dispute an article's featured status.

A featured article should:

  • Be comprehensive, factually accurate, stable, and well-written. Please read Great Writing and The Perfect Article to see how high the bar can be set.
    • Comprehensive: Covers the topic in its entirety; does not omit any major facts or details.
    • Accurate: supports facts with specifics and external citations (beware vague justifications such as "some people say"). See: Wikipedia:Verifiability.
    • Stable: a featured article should be mostly static, and not change rapidly from day to day. See uncontroversial below.
    • Well-written: compelling, even "brilliant" prose—the former name for featured articles.
  • Be uncontroversial in its neutrality and accuracy (no ongoing edit wars, see Wikipedia:Resolving disputes). See Wikipedia:Guidelines for controversial articles.
  • Exemplify OrthodoxWiki's very best work. Represent what OrthodoxWiki offers that is unique on the Internet.
  • Include a lead section which is brief but sufficient to summarize the entire topic (see Wikipedia:Lead section).
  • Include images (pictures, maps and diagrams, with good captions) where appropriate. Please be sure of the images' copyright status. See Wikipedia:Images.
  • Include headings (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (headings)) and have a substantial, but not overwhelming, table of contents (see Wikipedia:Section). See also Wikipedia:Headings.
  • Include references. This must be done by using a ==References== section and may be enhanced by the appropriate use of inline citations. If there are few references and the material is uncontroversial, inline citations are often unnecessary, though strongly advised (see Wikipedia:Cite sources).
  • Comply with the standards set by the style manual.

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