Callinicus (Kyparissis) of Alexandria

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His Beatitude Callinicus (Kyparissis) of Alexandria, also Kallinikos (Kyparissis) of Alexandria, was the Patriarch of Alexandria of the Church of Alexandria from 1858 to 1861.


Konstantinos Kyparissis was born in 1800 in the town of Skotina in the prefecture of Pieria of Greek Macedonia. He was from the old Greek Macedonian family of Kyparissis. Little is known of his early life. Konstantinos entered the clergy and was given the name Callinicus as he rose to the episcopacy. He was elected to the Patriarchal throne of Alexandria in 1858. As patriarch Callinicus participated in the National Assemblies in Constantinople during the years 1858 to 1860.

Patr. Callinicus attempted to restore unity with the Coptic Church. However, he was not successful. He resigned from the Patriarchal See on May 24, 1861 and returned to Greece. Patr. Callinicus reposed in Mytilini during 1889.

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Callinicus (Kyparissis) of Alexandria
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