Boris Bobrinskoy

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Boris Bobrinskoy

The Very Reverend Boris Bobrinskoy (b. 1921) is an Orthodox priest, Dean and Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St Sergius Institute, Paris, Rector of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Paris, and a protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Patriarch.


Boris Bobrinskoy was born in Paris in 1925, the son of Russian parents who migrated to France after the 1917 Revolution. Following the death of his mother when he was only ten, he was sent to boarding schools in Namur (Belgium) and Paris run by Jesuits of the Byzantine rite. In 1942 he took Father Cyprian Kern as his spiritual father, and served as an acolyte at the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on rue Daru throughout WWII.

After receiving his baccalaureate in 1944, Bobrinskoy began his theological studies at the St Sergius Institute, the same year as John Meyendorff. There, he came under the influence of faculty members such as Fathers Georges Florovsky, Nicholas Afanasiev, Cyprian Kern, and Alexander Schmemann, Antony Kartachev, and Leon Zander. He was also strongly influenced by Vladimir Lossky, who was Dean and Professor at the St Denys Institute. In 1949, he completed his studies with the submission of his thesis on the mystery of chrismation in fourth-century Syro-Palestinian tradition.

Bobrinskoy began his master’s work under the direction of Florovsky, who arranged for him to study for two years in Athens, Greece. Upon his return to St Sergius, he began teaching history, but in 1954 he accepted the chair in dogmatic theology, which he continues to hold to this day. This was followed three years later by his marriage to Hélène Disterlo, who was to give birth to three children. He was ordained a deacon in the spring of 1959 and priest in the fall.

In 1969, Father Boris became the Rector of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, the French-language congregation that meets in the crypt of St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.


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