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The following is a list of Orthodox booksellers, which are run by [[jurisdiction]]s, [[diocese]]s, [[seminary|seminaries]], [[monasticism|monasteries]] or independent retailers that cater to an Orthodox readership.
*[http://www.archangelsbooks.com/ Archangels Books and Gifts]
*[http://www.serbianorthodoxchurch.net/shop/ Bishop Nikolai Bookstore]
*[http://www.chrysostompress.org/ Chrysostom Press]
*[http://conciliarpress.com/ Conciliar Press]
*[http://eighthdaybooks.com/ Eighth Day Books]
*[http://www.holoviak.com/ Holoviak's Church Supply]
*[http://www.holycrossbookstore.com/ Holy Cross Bookstore]
*[http://www.orthodoxinfo.com/ibmgs/ Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies]
*[http://light-n-life.com/ Light & Life Publishers]
* [http://www.orthodoxlogos.com/ Logos - The Orthodox Bookstore (Europe)]
*[http://www.orlapubs.com/ Orchid Land Publications]
*[http://www.orthodoxbooksonline.com/ Orthodox Books Online]
*[https://secure.oca.org/ocpc/ Orthodox Christian Publications Center] (OCPC)
*[http://www.orthodoxbooks.co.uk Orthodox Christian Books Ltd (UK Orthodox book distributor)]
*[http://www.orthodoxgifts.com/ Orthodoxgifts.com]
*[http://www.protectingveil.com/ Protecting Veil Press]
*[http://www.saintnicodemos.org/ Saint Nicodemos Publications]
*[http://www.stherman.com/ St. Herman Press]
*[http://www.sjkp.org/ St. John of Kronstadt Press]
*[http://www.stnectariospress.com/ St. Nectarios Press]
*[http://www.stspress.com/ St. Tikhon's Bookstore]
*[http://www.svspress.com/ St. Vladimir's Seminary Press]

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