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The '''Epistle to Philemon''' is a book of the [[Holy Scripture|Bible]] in the [[New Testament]].  ''Philemon'' is generally regarded as one of the undisputed works of [[Apostle Paul|Paul]], and it was most likely written in Rome, around 61-63 AD.  It is the shortest of Paul's extant [[epistle|letters]], consisting of only 25 verses.  This epistle, along with epistles to the [[Book of Ephesians|Ephesians]]  and [[Book of Colossians|Colossians]], was carried by [[Apostle Tychicus|Tychicus]], a disciple and companion of Paul's.
==Purpose of the epistle==
Paul addressed the epistle specifically to [[Apostle Philemon|Philemon]], his fellow [[apostles|apostle]].  Paul appeals directly to Philemon's Christian conscience in asking him to accept the return of [[Apostle Onesimus|Onesimus]], a runaway slave of Philemon's.  Paul indicates that he converted Onesimus to Christianity (1:10-11), therefore making him "profitable" (or "useful").  Paul implores Philemon to treat Onesimus not as a slave but, like Paul, as a brother in Christ.
Additionally, Paul offers to take on all debts and transgressions that Onesimus owed to Philemon, just as Christ took on the sins of Man.
== External link ==
* [http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=64&chapter=1&version=31 Online translations of the ''Epistle to Philemon'']
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