Benjamin I of Constantinople

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Patriarch Benjamin I

His All-Holiness Benjamin I (Greek: Βενιαμίν A') (1871-1946), was the 266th Successor to the Apostle Andrew and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from (1936-1946).

He was born in the village of Stypsi on Lesvos in 1871 and later studied at the Theological School of Halki. In 1912 he became Metropolitan of Rhodes, and in 1913, Metropolitan of Σηλυβρείας, and then later, Metropolitan of Philippolis. In 1921 he was elected Metropolitan of Nicaea and in 1933 as Metropolitan of Iraklion.

During his patriarchate in 1941 a great fire destroyed the Patriarchal Palace in the Phanar. A new Palace was erected in 1989 by P. Aggelopoulos.


The Veniamin was Patriarch Istamboul from 18 January 1936 until 17 February 1946.

In 1935, afterwards the death of Patriarch Fwtj'oy of B, his more likely successor they was considered the then Metropolite Halkido'nos (and later Patriarch) Ma'xjmos. However, the Prefect Istamboul erased (as he has right) their Halkido'nos Ma'xjmo and De'rkwn Jwakej'm from the list eklogj'mwn. It is considered that this happened because the then Minister of Internal Turkey and deputy of province Tsana'kale, where depends and Imbros, was connected with the Metropolite Imbros and Tenedos Ja'kwvo. It is considered therefore that with his own command were erased the two prevailing candidates, so that is promoted the Metropolite Imbros as Oecumenical Patriarch.

The Hierarchy however elected the Metropolite Iraklej'as Veniamin, with votes seven opposite six. At the duration of election and encro'njsis were marked episodes and e'ktropa that him tarnished, while the new Patriarch Veniamin, 64 years then, was disapproved from part of his ekklisja'smatos at encro'njsi'.

Despite the unfavourable conditions of election and despite the outbreak of B of World War that happened at the duration of his Patriarchy, this can be characterized as achieved and consolidating for the Oecumenical Patriarchate, in a difficult period of his History. Mallow point was the big fire 1941, which destroyed big part of Patrjarhjkoy' of House in the Lantern (damage which was restored completely hardly in 1989).

The Patriarch Veniamin died on 17 February 1946.



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